Text to Voice

Text to Speech Maker
xrlly software
People with difficulties in accessing printed text will find Text to Speech Maker an extremely...
...uses any synthetic voice installed on your ...any existing text file. Select your preferred voice and...
Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter
Piston Software
Text to Speech Converter is a small tool that uses any SAPI5 synthetic voice installed in your system to read aloud...
...of downloading extra voices by purchasing license ...variable speed control. Text to Speech Converter...
Text-to-Speech Master
TTS Master Team
This program can read aloud written documents in different formats, such as plain text, MS Word, HTM and RTF, but not PDF...
...a large text. Although the default voice is Microsoft ...and choose different voices in other languages...
Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader
Zabaware, Inc.
This program will read your documents out loud. You can listen to Internet pages, E-mail...
...choose and configure a voice, control it over ...application ''Neo Speech voice text'' on the site...
linguatec Voice Reader
Linguatec Voice Reader a program that converts any kind of text to audio files. By using pleasant voices...
...in loud voice, through your speakers, every text file ...and nice voice. You can also type a text into...
Spesoft Text To MP3 Speaker
Spesoft Text To MP3 Speaker uses "Text to Speech" technology and can convert text...
..." technology and can convert text into a MP3/OGG/WAV ...text to an audio file. The rate of the voice...
Text To MP3 Converter Software
Convert multiple text files to MP3s.
...convert one or more text files into MP3 audio ...using sliders and the voice to be used can...
Text to Speak
Imbue Software
Text to Speak makes use of Microsoft’s synthetic voices to read aloud any text you can copy and paste in its simple...
...Microsoft’s synthetic voices to read aloud any text you can...
Text Recorder
Spare Time Gizmos
Text Recorder is a tiny application that was developed for converting text fragments into voice. You can also...
...for converting text fragments into voice. You can ...only one voice available for text reading and...
Internet Text Speaker
A Software Plus
Internet Text Speaker is an add-on for your Internet browser that will read any text aloud. Using it, you can...
...the synthesized voice reading the text for you ...Internet Text Speaker will use whatever voices you...
E-Text Reader
Premier Literacy
The E-Text Reader is designed to be a reading tool. You can use it for opening up and reading existing documents in your...
The E-Text Reader i ...insert pictures into the text. It is an ...ability to change voices, read at any...
Free Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader
Natural Voices Readers
NaturalReader is a Text to Speech software with natural sounding voices. This easy to use software can...
...a Text to Speech software with natural sounding voices ...convert any written text into audio files...
Text To Speech WAV
Text To Speech WAV is a program that converts text to sound. To do this, it uses pre-installed text-to-speech engines...
...it uses pre-installed text-to-speech engines from ...can just pick the voice, the output format, the...
Premier Literacy
Text to Audio is a TTS application designed with a double purpose – firstly...
...synthetic voice. Together with this PDF-to-text converter ...vary according to the voice used. Now, all...
Tip Top Text Reader
Tip Top Banana
Tip Top Text Reader is an open-source text-to-speech application that may help you...
...highlighted text while being read. As for the reader’s voice...
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